Setting the Table Part 1: How It All Began

‘Church cannot be contained within four walls. Church is lived out in the everyday interactions of christians learning together, sharing with each other and caring for each other. A community that is united by their pursuit of knowing God.’ Restore Project In many ways the seeds for the ‘ingredients’ of the Global Potluck were planted […]

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Setting the Table Part 2: How we got going

As a designer whose practice focuses on social challenges, over the course of my career, I have been proximate to many projects and different ways of organising that make space for the ideas, skills and talents of many. My craft sees me create spaces for many different people to participate in design processes together. In […]

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Does Music in Church need to be Decolonized?

If you’ve ever read the comments in a traditional Seventh-day Adventist group or article, you will know that this is not a welcome conversation. The majority would answer no to the title question, but to do so would be to discount the experiences of others. Decolonizing music in church is an opportunity to share experiences […]

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